Do You Want To

  • Fulfil your potential?
  • Have a better life?
  • Be happier?
  • Improve your performance?
  • Be more confident?
  • Handle difficulties with ease?

Solution Focused conversations will help you to

  • Visualise the future that you want
  • Capture progress you have already made
  • Find skills you already have
  • Establish realistic, achievable goals
  • Identify possible small steps which will take you nearer to your goals
  • Notice further signs of progress
  • Review progress

By focusing on what you want, personal growth and development in any area becomes very achievable.

What to Expect

  • A warm, accepting environment
  • Space to explore things for yourself
  • To be listened to and taken seriously
  • To talk about what is important to you and
  • At the pace that is right for you

To download a leaflet with more information click here.

Solution focused brief therapy is a refreshingly straightforward, highly flexible and cooperative approach to counselling. It helps you to take control of your life by establishing how you want things to be and then working towards this end; a process which generates momentum and leaves problems behind.